For this time, we teamed up with Simon from Vectis to discuss collaboration and communication within multi-cultural teams.

Have you noticed how Koreans and non-Koreans take different approaches when comes time to convey their opinion, give feedback or even ask questions during meetings?

This short discussion by Simon Bureau will begin with a few anecdotes, and will then provide a few tips on how to bridge some of these unintentional communication gaps. We will then open the floor to the audience for sharing personal experiences.


Simon has witnessed shifts in the Korean market firsthand since 1986, working in international finance. Before founding VECTIS in 1998, he held corporate positions in finance, telecommunication policy, business intelligence, and management consulting in Montreal, New York, Seoul, and Washington D.C.

Seeing a need for Korean professionals to collaborate effectively with foreign managers, overseas partners or clients, in 2010, he realigned Vectis towards corporate training. He has since designed and delivered over 600 workshops or lectures.

During his first 12 years at VECTIS, he completed over 100 consulting mandates and published industry reports, mainly in the Korean IT and media sectors.

He previously served as Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea and has published two business books in Korean.


◆ Date : Thursday August 27th, 7:00pm-9pm

◆ Language: English