We are glad to be able to welcome you for a real networking session this month

As it has been quite some time since we met, we decided to take this time to look back at what our community did this year and share with you what we have in mind for next year (big project…)

We also want to welcome in Korea 3 French startups that recently landed. Let’s warmly welcome them and show them what opportunities they can find here!


  • Tristan Rousselle, founder and deputy of Aryballe
  • Yanis Anteur, co-founder and CEO of Miraxess
  • Matthieu Chareyre, Global Chief Business Development Officer of Regulaxis

◆ Date : Thursday October 29th, 7:00pm-9pm

◆ Venue : French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

◆ Sponsors: Aryballe, Miraxess, Regulaxis