Orange Fab Asia in Seoul held its season 7 demo-day on 25th of April 2018 at Seoul Startup Hub (biggest start-up incubation facility of Seoul city) with French Tech Seoul and G-CCEI (Gyeonggi – Center for Creative Economy and Innovation).

A total of 17 start-ups from 3 countries (Korea, Japan and Taiwan) pitched and showcased their products in front of more than 120 participants.

6 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • 4DReplay : time-slice video shooting and viewing solution proven through Pyeongchang Olympic Games.
  • Salin : next generation TV watching experience through VR and AR technology.
  • Spryfit : gamification of sports activities with financial incentives.
  • VICS : Drone and UAB safe flight solution
  • 8 cups : smart cups motivating peoples hydrated
  • KIVIC : after martket Head Up Display with screen mirroring technology

4 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • RambleOn : professional personal beautician which helps women with their daily care of their skin at home
  • Holoeyes : VR application from each patients CT scan and MRI data
  • D Free : Urination timing predicting wearable device
  • TownWiFi : Automatic connection to Wi-Fi free of charge even in overseas

2 start-ups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

  • Omnibpm : Business process management for document, project and process optimization
  • Diabnext : automated diabetes logbook and intelligent care platform bringing peace in mind

3 start-ups from nationwide CCEI

  • Schaffen Gott : Real-time monitoring and rescue system for IoT linked vehicles
  • Water and Life : water filtering solution just by gravity without electricity
  • MOPIC : turn your smart phone into a cinema quality 3D experience

2 start-ups from Seoul Startup Hub

  • JOCOOS : video transcoding technology and real time video instance editing for mobile and web
  • Vistar : Vistar provides BYOD In-Flight Entertainment system without screen which called Hiwifi.

At the end of the pitches from start-ups of season 7, the kick-off for season 8 was announced with 1 minute pitch from each new team.

  • Aromeo : IoT aroma diffuser programmable by mobile phone and preset.
  • Bi-secu : IoT bike lock device with simple installation
  • Braillist : Braille typing device with the control of handset
  • Cochlear : Artificial Intelligence engine analyzing surroundings by sound recognition
  • Sky-Labs : Finger ring type wearable device measuring health status 24/7