Seoul, September 28th 2016

Orange Fab Asia in Seoul held its season 4 demo-day on 28th September 2016 in TIPS (Tech Incubator Program for Statups in Korea) town with French Tech Seoul, CCEI (Center for Creative Economy and Innovation), KISED (Korea Institute of Statup and Entrepreneurship Development) and Eura Technologies.
Especially, M. Raouti CHEHIH, director of Eura technology gave a speech about French startup ecosystem.

20 startups from 4 countries pitched and showcased their products in front of a hundred of participants.

5 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Seoul

  • Amadas : DIY type electronic door lock that can be controlled via app and recharged by smartphone light
  • E2 Communications : IoT smart factory platform for small and medium-sized manufacturer
  • Kono Labs : Scheduler application powered by artificial intelligence
  • NexSys : LTE connected helmet and wearable sensors for safety of workers
  • Qubit Security : real time anti-hacking solution based on server log analysis

2 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Tokyo

  • Crowdcredit : Cross-border marketplace lending platform
  • Trabble : Hyper local mobile social eConcierge service for travelers

3 startups from Orange Fab Asia in Taipei

5 startups from nationwide CCEI

  • Amuse travel: Travel agency for the disabled peoples.
  • DANUON: Barrier-free platform for visually impaired smartphone user.
  • KTB solution: Smart device security using a touch screen and front camera.
  • MtoV: Connected car and IoT smart parking solutions using connecting technologies.
  • SketchON: Hand-held printer for skin.

4 promising Local startups

  • NAMU: Smart device that help posture correction.
  • BASWEN: Smart pill dispenser which drops one pill at a time.
  • Lightors: Traditional-size battery recharged by usb port or wireless recharger.
  • Mopic : Glasses-free 3D mobile devices using eye-tracking and real time rendering solution.

1 French Startup being accelerated in Korea under the program K-Startup Grand Challenge.

  • MyMusicTeacher: A cross-platform application for guitar teaching.

During the event, Orange Fab Seoul season 5 also kicked-off with the 5 startups selected.

  • NORMA : “AtEar” is a moveable wireless network vulnerabilities checking solution
  • Puzzles: A smart coin bank that will help to collect coins through shops
  • Innoplaylab: A robot with most advanced technologies such as voice interaction with human, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning,
  • SecuLetter: email security solution
  • MovingKey: “TiltCode”, an interactive mobile content sharing service for OOH advertisements done by tilting or turning a device